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10 ways to exercise at home without any equipment


Walking is the easiest form of exercising. As long the weather is favorable and you have comfortable walking shoes you are good to go. It feels wonderful and relaxing to get outside and enjoy the scenery. In the event that the weather is not favorable, going up and down a flight of stairs several times would be effective exercise too. Walking helps tone the legs and is some form of low impact aerobic exercises. Keep walking to burn the calories.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks arouses some fond childhood memories. Besides being a fun activity for kids, they are a great cardio exercise. They are good warm up exercises before embarking on tougher exercises.

Push Ups

Pushups are not everyone’s favorite exercise. As much as they appear hard, once you get the gist of them it becomes very easy. For beginners, using both arms and doing them while on your knees is allowed. Leave the use of one arm and keeping straight legs to the experts. Alternatively, they can be done while standing up against a wall. Pushups are effective for building the arm strength and for the muscles in the chest area.

Leg lifts

Want to build your leg muscles? Try the leg lifts. Leg lifts should be done while the legs are straight. However, for those who may find it difficult, they should try bending the legs slightly. They are ideal for building strength along the leg region.


Crunches are great for abdominal area. They strengthen and build the muscles of the abdominal region. Playing cool work out song s or watching the television during exercising makes the routine fun.

Jogging in place

Jogging is good for the heart. You can jog at one spot or for several mines.Jogging is not as intensive as running. A good pair of shoes is needed while jogging. Safety and being comfortable is important at all times.


Squats are wonderful for the legs and the buttocks. Sitting and standing on a regular chair can be considered as a form of squat exercise. Squats needs to be done repetitively.

LightWeight lifting

You do not need the fancy weights at the gym. Use whatever you have in your possession. Water jugs, laundry detergent and milk jugs can be used.


Dancing is an ideal cardio exercise. One can get dance videos or simply dance to anything that uplifts their spirits. Dancing is a relaxation technique too.